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Polymeric Tapes (Pty) Ltd was formed in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1986, in response to demand for locally manufactured rubber tapes.  The South African currency had depreciated sharply against those of the first world and imported product had become relatively expensive.  Although more normally considered a resource driven economy, political necessity had established a thriving, self-reliant and a wide ranging rubber manufacturing sector in the country.  The infrastructure necessary to support a manufacturing enterprise was well established and raw materials were readily available.  The relatively low manufacturing costs and overhead, associated with third world operations, could be passed on to our customers, giving our products a cost effective edge.  The use of English as the most common business language was an added advantage.


It was into the SA mining sector that the first of the company’s products were introduced.  Heavy duty, easily applied tapes, suitable for installation by semi-skilled labour, were required.  The over-riding requirement for flame retardancy, essential in underground applications, became one of the first areas where the company’s technical expertise was applied.


As more customers became aware of the availability of South African manufactured product, PT was approached to produce tapes with a wide range of mechanical and electrical properties, as import substitutes.  The company’s technical and manufacturing expertise grew in unison with its ever increasing product and customer base.  Telecoms and moisture sealing tapes further expanded the product range, together with rubber mouldings for electrical applications.


The physical and electrical stress to which splicing tapes are subjected, from the instant the cable carries current to the end of its service life, are the same in South Africa as anywhere else in the world.  Similarly, a high pressure hose spends its service life ‘under test’ – the working pressure it was designed and manufactured to withstand.  European buyers soon followed the South African lead in using our cost effective products and many tons of our tape have been in service internationally for more than ten years.


Customers, impressed by our ability to supply tapes, approached us to manufacture other polymeric components of electrical cable joints and terminations, including moisture sealing mastics, filler profiles, core separators and crutch wedges.  Such items now constitute a major portion of our manufacturing output.


In-house development resulted in the introduction of a range of flexible heat shrinkable rubber trailing cable joints.  The patented joints offer the economy, speed and ease of installation of heat shrinkable plastics, coupled with the flexibility of rubber cold shrink.  The joints, which now include a range for medium voltage XLPE cables, are sold under the registered HSR logo (Heat Shrinkable Rubber).


Expansion of production capacity, customer base and product portfolio has generated the turnover necessary to fund the introduction of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  The company received its listing from the German assessors, Dekra, in 2009, and continues to enjoy the benefits of efficiency and cost control the system yields.  The introduction of the ISO system also inevitably leads to the continuous improvement of product and service quality, upon which our customers rely.


Internationally, a manufacturing facility is soon to be added to our UK sales office and further European manufacturing expansion is planned.  The company’s growth path, established twenty years ago, continues to this present day.




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