‘First world quality at third world prices’.  Sound too good to be true?


Like many manufacturers, we strive to minimize costs and maximize customer satisfaction.  To this end, we have also sourced production inputs from eastern sources, in some instances, successfully.


The stores are full of shoddily made, not-so-low-cost items, many times not fit for their intended use.  Reputable, first-world companies also supply branded eastern-manufactured products, that can exhibit poor quality, but carry a premium price.  Companies have little choice but to follow the eastern route, since to do otherwise can lead to being out-priced by competitors.


Polymeric Tapes tries to offer a middle ground.  Our manufactured products do not carry the premium of first-world manufacture, nor the packaging-costs-more-than-the-product penalty.


We can offer a cost effective, reliable and consistent product.  Many tons of our tapes continue to give sound and extended service life world-wide.  Our growth record gives testament to our customer  satisfaction.





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